Interesting article.

Yet, you oppose an “open” internet where everyone sees and hears everyone, with the dark forests where we retreat ourselves in our narrowed down preferences.

I kind of have the impression that the biggest problem we’re facing nowadays with the internet is that this so called “open” internet has already vanished for the majority of the users, whitout them having noticed it at all.

Most of us live with the impression that we’re connected with the world, that, when connecting to the internet we plug a kind of universal matrix program in our brains that opens us to the entire world.

But… We access internet mostly from social medias who are a pure mirror of ourselves. Our browsers are filled with our preferences. Cookies redirect the informations that will interest us based on our past researches. Targeting systems show us what we “want” to see. Retargeting follow us everywhere we try to escape. And, obviously our mother tongues are the most invulnerable firewall that cuts us from more than two thirds of the rest of the world.

I have the impression that while people think they are in the open, they are in fact in a tiny, tiny, secret gardens filled with themselves. And that’s dangerous. They think they’re connected with the universe while they are in their own belly button.

Now. From this perspective, a conciously chosen retreat is the best thing that could happen. Because, in this case, the person understands that he is alone. While others, thinking they connect with the universe, are chasing themselves in a illusional forest.

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